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Run, Baby, Run

//Run, Baby, Run

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As a person, (not just a coach) I have my own personal dreams, aspirations including short, medium and long term goals.

A current short term goal of mine is to reduce the stress in my life and create more clarity in my head while I’m currently juggling training, study, coaching and work.

I exercise every day, sometimes twice, but very rarely do I feel the urge to run!

Well, today I ran … I ran for 30 minutes straight … I tell you, this never happens, normally after about 5 minutes I am out of breath and my legs feel like lead weights!

Surprisingly today, the outcome was quite different. I felt amazing afterwards (apart from being sweaty and exhausted) the cloudiness had gone from my head and I didn’t feel so cluttered in my brain!

I felt like I had a mental strength I had been searching for all day. I felt full of pride, I had a sense of achievement and knew the my mind, body and soul thanked me for pushing that extra half a kilometre.

The physical act of running, running like this, constant, pacing and thoughtfully reminded me of how important alone time is,  how important it is to put yourself first and how important it is to put your mind to something and achieve it.

As a coach, and for me to lead by example, to do what I ask my clients to do, to take stead of the words I motivate my clients with, and believe in myself, just like the belief that I have in those around me. The energy I invest and encourage people to continue to work at until they succeed.

It is so important to believe in what you want. It may be hard, it may be exhausting both mentally and physically, but it is always worth it!

I have some amazing friends who pound the pavement daily, do the park runs on the weekends and train towards marathons.  They’re forever telling me that running is 80% mental and 20% physical when I complained that I just didn’t ‘get it’.

I always joked and exclaimed ‘oh I am not mental enough to run?’… but you know what? … I actually get it now!

I can not wait to run again tomorrow!!!

What activity gives you clarity? running? swimming? yoga? playing with your kids, cleaning?

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