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Mental health… and annual leave!

//Mental health… and annual leave!



A study released this week about work related stress and the linkages to ‘work/life balance’ proves something I have been saying for a very long time.

Employers have a major role in the work life balance of their employees…employers must ensure their staff take their required breaks, including annual leave.


Fact 1: 60% of Australians (full time employed) do NOT take their full paid entitlements…note entitlement not luxury…this is actually part of your salary and you ARE entitled to have your 4weeks leave a year…
Fact 2: one in 5 employees do not take breaks during the day, responding that they are ‘too busy, and overloaded with work’…so, not only is this illegal, but it is legislated that workplaces MUST provide cooking/eating/lunch facilities in every workplace – eating lunch at your desk does not count.
Fact 3: Half of Australians report that work demands are a barrier to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Consequence 1: those studied showed to have a significantly high increase in sick days for those whom didn’t take their annual leave days, reported higher levels of workplace stress, job dissatisfaction, and fatigue…and not to mention workplace accidents!
Consequence 2: not taking leave can now be linked to increased chronic diseases risk factors such as inadequate diets, low physical activity, and increased alcohol consumption…
Consequence 3: proven that workplace stress is related to gastrointestinal disorders, obesity, mental health and musculoskeletal disorder…anxiety, high blood pressure and burnout!

Impact on economy and the tax payer…workplace injuries, diseases and stress claims cost the Australian Economy $49 billion each year! Wowzers!!!

Mental health disorders cost employers an average of $18k a year!

So I will keep saying it…healthier workers are more productive workers and cost you less in the long run! Engaged staff are more productive, motivated and present in their workplace. Workers that have regular breaks have a higher level of concentration, productivity and job satisfaction…

Some tips:

  • Make sure breaks and leave are taken regularly.
  • Ensure there is downtime at work, away from the screen
  • Ensure people get up move around, walk a little further – around the block is better too!
  • Make sure plenty of water is consumed.

Value and look after your staff, they are your best asset.

If you would like to learn more about having a happier healthier workplace contact me now.

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