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Positives into negatives!

//Positives into negatives!

Lets get rid of those negatives!

SO many people call me ‘Miss Positivity’…
It may be because of my contagious positivity, or it is more likely to be that when people present a negative situation to me I can ALWAYS turn it around… yes, always.

There is always a lesson to be learnt and I do not believe in failure always having a negative impact
Sure, there are times in our lives where things suck.. yeah? TOTALLY hear you on that, but there are times where our attitude, our mindset, our response and our behaviour (yes… including your emotions) play a significant part in how quickly we ‘bounce back’ from a negative situation.
It takes years of experience and practice but I will give you a simple trick right here and now that I want you to try with your negative situation.

I want you to turn any should’ve/would’ve/could’ve (s) into a phrase where you say to yourself (yes, repeat after me)  ‘I did the best with what I had, and the knowledge I had at the time’… aka, ya did ya damn best yeah? Stop being so hard on yourself, please.

Ok, an example – your boss is being horrible, your colleagues are all stressed and your work is mounting up before Christmas – so much is piling up on you it all is getting a bit overwhelming. You know what positives I would find in the above? – Here I will list them for you. (Think about breaking the issues up).

  • You have a job that whilst may not be the happiest/healthiest environment to be in, you have a job to pay for the beautiful clothes you wear, the lovely warm/cool house you live in and ultimately that YOU have the knowledge/education/power to leave your job when you are ready.
  • You can not change other people and how they may treat you but you can ALWAYS walk away, you can take yourself for a walk and tell yourself that it is actually them that is having a tough time at the moment and they are reflecting it on you… not cool at all, but choose your emotions, ignore the behaviour, walk away or ‘kill them with kindness’ (that one is my fav haha).
  • That it is ALMOST Christmas, the temporary extra stress, pressure and financial strain will all be over soon. A new year is a fresh start, a time to look at the year ahead and be grateful for the opportunities just around the corner.

Here is your positive injection.
My beautiful mum always says ‘fake it till you make it baby’ when I tell her I am struggling with things. I used to always think that I would be ‘found out’ if I was faking my happiness, because, lets face it, I am a very happy person, but times get tough for me too, I am not immune to hard stuff, quite the opposite in fact, I am constantly challenged… however, I have taught myself how to thrive in challenging times.

You want to know what I do? Well here it is

1) I remove myself from the situation if I can
2) I take some REALLY deep long breathes
3) I self talk myself, i.e ‘it is going to be ok’, ‘I can get through this’, and more importantly ‘THIS TOO SHALL PASS’
4) I am kind to myself. When my tough day is over, I do some exercise to unwind, I cook a fantastic healthy meal and I relax for the rest of the evening and I do not check my emails unless I am expecting to hear from a client.

Ultimately, I look after myself, it gives me time to recharge and refocus so I can face the next day.
A good night sleep can help too.

So, if turning a negative situation around into a positive is not your thing, or it is just not yet in your grasp of understanding, that is cool too.
Another strategy to try then is to find three positives for EVERY single negative… yeah, you read it correctly, THREE for every ONE negative and I want you to write them down.

Once you have gained some perspective things might look a little better …don’t ya think? 🙂

Just a few last words – you are amazing, you truly are, every single person has amazing qualities, try not to compare yourself with other people… because guess what, they are comparing themselves to someone else too.
Give it a try you might be surprised.

Yours in success

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