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The Evolution of You

//The Evolution of You

The Evolution of YOU!
What would you change if you could go back 5 years?  10 years? To when you were 6? What would you tell yourself? What would you do differently?

How many times have you heard those questions and how many times has that exhausted sigh and eye roll scaped you every time you were pressured to answer?

As far as I am concerned the past is the past and yes it’s a bloody good thing to be able to learn a great deal about ourselves by settling the old scores and putting our skeletons to rest but you know what is even more exciting…. What is yet to come.

We live in this privileged and abundant world where we are in control of everything that comes and goes from our lives, even if we are not fully aware of it.
We have the power to decide what we would like for lunch, how we are going to travel to work, how we are going to treat the people that we come across throughout the day and who we surround ourselves with.
The incredible power and authority that we have to shape and create our future is immense even if it doesn’t feel like it or we don’t realise it.

Being in control means that you get to choose how people treat you and how you want your life to be and include those who will support and encourage you and respectfully let go of those who don’t..
So, in a world where we are creating more efficient and effective processes and base knowledge systems, better technology and products copious ways to replace ourselves, we are even more equipped than ever to create the life that we had always dreamed of.

Real Life Client Testimony.

Recently Susan* came to me and told me about her boss who was overpowering, rude and condescending. Susan felt that with every interaction with her boss, the relationship was deteriorating and in short amount of time they had gone from team meetings to only communicating via email. Of course Susan’s confidence and mental health took a dive because she not only second guessed everything that she did (although she had previous knowledge and experience and had been in the past awarded for her work) her boss was overriding her submissions and taking parts of her work and presenting them as his own.

Susan was definitely in a bad place. But all was not lost.

IN our first session, I was able to meet with Susan in a neutral and comfortable location, where she felt confident enough to tell me her story, without fear of judgement and away from the public eye. In listening to her I could really tell that it was much worst that she had first described. With her physical health and family relationships starting to break down as well. Having done years of counselling I immediately established Susan was experiencing a level of vicarious trauma and my priority at this stage was to make her feel as comfortable as possible and allow her to tell her story in her own words so that I could connect her with a professional health team.

I took notes throughout the session, acknowledging the amazing achievements she had been able to make on her own in a very stressful and exploding situation. For starters she had maintained her insight and was able to make the initial call for help.

That was one of the hardest sessions in my life and whilst Susan felt like the biggest achievement of this first session was about connecting her with health professionals, our continued work and ongoing sessions later revealed just how much we had covered and how many changes Susan had actively made in her life to move out of that situation. I feel honoured that Susan chose me to go through that experience with her. Once we had her physical and mental health under the watchful eyes of professionals, I was able to formulate a logical and systematic plan to help her exit from that role and the workforce. I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t easy, but I absolutely love what I do and couldn’t be more proud of Susan for sticking with the peaks and the troughs of the situation and reaching her goal. The best part was because it was all documented, just like a gym challenge, we could go back over everything later and compare just how far she had come. Susan could physically see the improvements and changes that she made to her life and that in itself was the so rewarding.

I’m happy to report that Susan is kicking goals both professionally and personally, above and beyond anything we had both planned for in that initial stage. Susan’s story is definitely extreme but by sharing it with you I hope to express the magnitude of evolution you are able to achieve just by surrounding yourself with the right people and implementing the right tools. There are no limits to your dreams so why should there be any limits to your life.

If your story sounds familiar to Susan’s, just flick me an email and I am more than happy to chat to you how we can work together to turn your life around.

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