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Who is Nicky?


Hello, I’m Nicky, your coffee loving, sunshine craving, water loving coach!  I’ve had my fair share of life experience. Some of those experiences were good and some were challenging.  I have overcome great adversity and have my own ‘story’.

I can show you how to change your life, regardless of what you think is holding you back.  I will give you the self-belief, encouragement, and support you need to truly make it happen!

I can show YOU how to create your own success story.

What is “life and success” coaching?

Life and success coaching is all about empowerment. I provide practical techniques and strategies, personal support and professional guidance.

I will teach you the art of setting sustainable goals and then achieving those goals.

As a life coach, I will INSPIRE and MOTIVATE you. I am upfront so be prepared to feel confronted at times. I will challenge you and push you past your self-imposed roadblocks.

I will support you on your journey and kick your butt when needed!

I have worked with almost 100 clients. I have coached, supported, cheered on, motivated, hugged and celebrated with them. This, to me is “life and success” coaching.

My model and my methods are simple and effective! I have had 100% success rate with my career coaching clients as they seek new directions in their working life and learn new skills. These clients have attributed their successes to me and my coaching!

I am dependable, reliable and sensitive. I recognise the importance of professionalism in assisting you to achieve your goals.

If you are ready to make your own success story, then pick up the phone and let me help you to live the life you deserve!!!


Working with Nicky

What you will achieve

  • Grow your business
  • Develop your confidence in the workplace
  • Find Balance in your life
  • Find the new direction or clarity you are seeking
  • Improve your self-esteem and confidence
  • Enhance your personal relationships
  • Improve your health and well-being
  • Learn to manage stress
  • Develop techniques to priortise your work/life
  • Feel inspired to seek and start new hobbies
  • Learn strategies to manage change
  • Feel and become more organised
  • Learn to manage your time and money more efficiently!

What you can choose from

  • One on one coaching
  • Skype or phone sessions
  • Group workshops
  • Payment options

Additional Benefits

  • Coach who is associated with professional memberships
  • Assurance that your coaching is provided by a professional life coach
  • First hand experience of many situations
  • A coach with over 10 years experience


“Nicky – its been over 12 months since we started working together and I just wanted to say thank you for all your insight, encouragement, patience and arse-kicking along the way.

I appreciate the way you make me stop and take a breather from the everyday busyness of life trying to juggle work and family life and look at the overall big picture, set my goals and help formulate a plan to achieve them – but then keep me on track along the way to make sure it happens.

As you know, I’ve seen a lot of growth and changes over the last 12 months – not only personally and in my business – but mostly in my thinking, and I have you to thank for that.

Nicky, the fact that I now consider you a friend is testament to your personal, warm, positive approach and I look forward to working with you more in the future.”

Nicole Marsh, Eureka Property Buyers Agents
I was referred to Nicky via a colleague 12 months after I had decided to confess that I was not emotionally stable and I needed help. On my first appointment with Nicky, I thought that my expression had to be limited to remain professional, but Nicky’s friendly persona suggested otherwise.

Nicky smoothed out my rough self-perspective by pointing out the things that I had considered trivial made up big parts of my life. Through Nicky’s positivity and understanding, I began to be more understanding towards myself.

Over the course of six months and a few irregular appointments, I had found my feet, but it did not end there. As my overbearing anxieties became less frequent, I was able to focus on my improvements which I would message Nicky without any hesitation.

Looking back at where I was and where I am now, I am enthusiastic to continue working with Nicky on my self-improvement and different aspects of my life.

I just would like to say how amazing Nicky is. She has helped me out quite alot in personal problems that as stopped me from believeing in myself which has stopped me from getting to my goals. Her kind words her warmth her love her drive her support to help you get to where you want to be is unbelievable i person with this much passion to help another person out is very rear. She keeps pushing you knowing you are able to give it more. I sorry but I’m not very good at putting this kind of stuff in words but know this Nicky will be the best person to help you reach your goals in life the passion she has is truly amazing

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